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Visuo Creative Group is a Dallas, TX based art firm specializing in unique black and white photography, photo prints and fine art paintings offered to the interior design trade, collectors and art enthusiasts. We invite you to explore the photo galleries and art presentations throughout our site and discover the inspirational tones and moods of photographer Bowman Ashe and artist Nicole Ashe.

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Visuo Creative Group was founded with a vision to harmonize fine art and photography and provide a direct, custom art resource to the design trade. Collaborating directly with the interior designer during the initial design phase, Visuo Creative Group artists conceive and create custom fine art and photographic imagery to carefully compliment the designer’s vision for artistic elements within the proposed space.

As such, the artwork is conceived for its destination, drawn from the designer’s use of color, fabrics, swatches and texture elements. Examples of various installations may be found on the Installations Tab.

Artist Nicole Ashe creates original art in multiple disciplines including abstract, modern, contemporary and traditional styles. Typical canvass paintings shown in this site’s fine art galleries vary in range from 36x36 inch to 72x72 inch.

Photographer Bowman Ashe is in constant pursuit of imagery that evokes emotion, mood and inspiration in the eye of the beholder. In careful balance with Nicole’s colorful fine art paintings, Bowman uses the black and white photo medium to display much of his work.

Visuo Creative Group artwork resides in permanent installations throughout the United States and abroad. For more information on Visuo Creative Group, artist Nicole Ashe or Bowman Ashe Photography or any of the artwork seen on this site, please click on the Contact Us tab.

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